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Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy

The Center's purpose is to facilitate policy-relevant applied research and outreach by faculty in the Department and elsewhere in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

In pursuit of this purpose, the Center brings visiting scholars to Maryland, sponsors conferences, administers a program of competitive research grants for applied policy topics, and helps coordinate cooperative efforts among faculty members.

The primary focus is on policy issues in the state of Maryland, but with interest also in national and international issues.

Please visit our Upcoming Events page for more information about the 2013 Agricultural Outlook Conference, which will be in Annapolis on December 4th.

Lori Lynch
Center Director

AREC Professor

AREC Experimental Economics Laboratory

The 25 seat lab, located in 0115 Symons Hall, is available by reservation for classes, presentations and research.

The department offers an advanced class, AREC 815, Applications of Experimental and Behavioral Economics, intended for PhD students in the AREC and economics departments. PhD
students from other departments are welcome to enroll provided they have adequate training
in economics and math. Specifically, the following are required: a one-year graduate (PhD level)
sequence in microeconomics which covers consumer theory, game theory, contract
theory, and general equilibrium; and a graduate course in econometrics introducing linear
regression and maximum likelihood estimation. The aim of this course is to train you to design and implement "lab experiments in the field" and to analyze the data generated therein using a range of theoretical and empirical tools.

Pamela Jakiela
Laboratory Director

AREC Assistant Professor

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