Date Speaker Presentation Title University/Institution

May 3 (Hybrid)

Jacob French

Technological Change, Inequality, and Intergenerational Mobility: The Case of Early 20th Century Agriculture

New York University

April 26


S Anukriti

Bring a Friend: Strengthening Women's Social Networks and Reproductive Autonomy in India

World Bank

April 19


Edson Severnini

Price Stabilization Policy, Gasoline Consumption, and Health Externality: Evidence from Brazil

Carnegie Mellon University

April 12


Saher Asad

Race to the Top or Bottom? Competition, News Quality and Political Polarization in Pakistan's TV Industry. 

World Bank

March 8


Guo Xu

Strengthening State Capacity: Civil Service Reform and Public Sector Performance during the Gilded Age

University of California, Berkeley

March 1


Muriel Niederle

 Trickle-Down Effects of Affirmative Action: A Case Study in France

Stanford University

February 27 *(Monday) 


Stephan Sommer

How Resilient is Support for Carbon Pricing? Evidence from Germany


February 22


Tihitina Andarge

Threshold Manipulation and Lead Monitoring in U.S. Drinking Water

University of Massachusetts Amherst

February 15 (Virtual)

Antoine Dechezlepretre

Fighting Climate change: International Attitudes Toward Climate Policies


February 8


Matthew Kotchen

On the Feasibility, Costs and Benefits of an Immediate Phaseout of Coal for U.S. Electricity Generation

Yale University

December 7 (Hybrid)

Marco Castillo

Incentivized Learning, Selective Attention and Durable Treatment Effects in Energy Usage

Texas A&M University

November 30 (Hybrid)

Ritam Chaurey

Implementation of Labor Laws and Informality

Johns Hopkins University

November 16 (Hybrid)

Hoyt Bleakley

The Economic Effects of American Slavery: Tests at the Border

University of Michigan

November 9 (Hybrid)

Steve Puller

Transportation as a Barrier to Education Access: Evidence from Chicago Public Schools

Texas A&M University

November 2 (Hybrid)

Molly Lipscomb

How important are investment non-convexities for development? Experimental Evidence from Uganda

University of Virginia 

October 26 (Hybrid)

Nancy Qian

The Impact of the Chinese Exclusion Act on the U.S. Economy

Northwestern University

October 19 (Hybrid)

Mario Macis

Is the price right? The role of morals, ideology, and tradeoff thinking in explaining reactions to price surges

John Hopkins University

*Monday-October 17 (Hybrid)

Edward Okeke

When a Doctor Falls from the Sky: The Impact of Easing Doctor Supply Constraints on Mortality


October 5 (Hybrid)

Jishnu Das

Randomized Regulation: The impact of minimum quality standards on health markets

Georgetown University

September 28 (Hybrid)

Kyle Hyndman

Late Payments in Procurement: A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation

University of Texas at Dallas

September 14 (Hybrid)

Paul Novosad

The Long-Run Development Impacts of Agricultural Productivity Gains: Evidence from Irrigation Canals in India

Dartmouth University

September 7 (Virtual)

Christine Exley

The Gender Gap in Confidence: Expected But Not Accounted For

Harvard Business School

August 31(Virtual)

Tavneet Suri

Universal Basic Income: Experimental Evidence from Kenya


May 11 (3:30pm-Hybrid)

Jim Murphy

The Endogenous Formation of Common Pool Resource Coalitions

University of Alaska Anchorage

May 4 (Hybrid)

Ashley Langer

Policy Uncertainty in the Market for Coal Electricity: The Case of Air Toxics Standards

University of Arizona

April 27 (Virtual)

Dilip Mookherjee

Networks, Entrepreneurship and Structural Change: Evidence from China

Boston University

April 20 (Virtual)

Ali Cheema

Making Police Officers Responsive to Women in Gender Segregated Societies: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

Lahore University of Management Sciences and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives

April 6


Nick Hagerty

Adaptation to Surface Water Scarcity in Irrigated Agriculture

Montana State University

March 30 (Hybrid)

Belinda Archibong

Protest Matters: The Effects of Protests on Economic Redistribution

Barnard College (Columbia University)

March 16 (Hybrid)

Matt Neidell

When Externalities Collide: Influenza and Pollution

Columbia University

March 9 (Virtual)

Priya Mukherjee

Political Accountability for Populist Policies: Lessons from the World's Largest Democracy

University of Wisconsin Madison

March 2 (Hybrid)

Paul Gertler

Why are firms slow to adopt profitable opportunities?

UC Berkeley

February 23 (Hybrid)

Jean-Marc Bourgeon

Optimal Green Technology Adoption and Policy Implementation

University of Paris-Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique

February 16 (Virtual)

Lise Vesterlund

Belief Elicitation and Behavioral Incentive Compatibility

University of Pittsburgh

February 9 (Virtual)

Gary Charness

Improving Food Choices


January  26 (Virtual)

Johanna Mollerstrom

A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behaviour

George Mason University