Dec 12 Dean Karlan - Northwestern University Seminar: Dean Karlan - Northwestern University - Randomizing Religion: The Impact of Protestant Evangelism on Economic Outcomes
Dec 3 Imran Rasul - University College London Seminar (Monday*): Imran Rasul - University College London - The Economic Lives of Young Women in the Time of Ebola: Lessons from an Empowerment Program
Nov 28 Justine Hastings - Brown University Seminar: Justine Hastings - Brown University - The Effect of SNAP on the Composition of Purchased Foods Evidence and Implications
Nov 16 Charles Holt - University of Virginia Seminar (Friday*): Charles Holt - University of Virginia - Upside Versus Downside Risk: Gender, Stakes, and Skewness
Nov 7 Julien Xavier Daubanes - University of Geneva Seminar: Julien Xavier Daubanes - University of Geneva - More Gas, Less Coal, and Less CO2? Unilateral CO2 Reduction Policy with More than One Carbon Energy Source,” joint with Fanny Henriet (Paris School of Economics) & Katheline Schubert (Paris School)
Oct 31 Fiona Burlig - University of Chicago Seminar: Fiona Burlig - University of Chicago - Out of the darkness and into the light? Development effects of rural electrification
Oct 24 Paul Ferraro - Johns Hopkins University Seminar: Paul Ferraro - Johns Hopkins University
Oct 17 Akshaya Jha - Carnegie Mellon Seminar: Akshaya Jha - Carnegie Mellon-Short-Run and Long-Run Impacts of Environmental Regulations on Productivity: The U.S. Electricity Sector From 1938-1999
Oct 10 Lorenzo Casaburi - University of Zurich Seminar: Lorenzo Casaburi-University of Zurich-The Electoral Impact of Wealth Redistribution: Evidence from Land Reform in Italy" (with Bruno Caprettini and Miriam Venturini)
Sep 26 Andrew Foster-Brown UniversitySeminar: Andrew Foster - Brown University - Are There Too Many Farms in the World? Labor-Market Transaction Costs, Machine Capacities and Optimal Farm Size
Sep 5 Charles Noussair - University of Arizona Seminar: Charles Noussair - University of Arizona - Sequential Search with a Price Freeze Option - Theory and Experimental Evidence
May 9 Tim Beatty - UC Davis Seminar: Lost in Translation: What do Engel Curves Tell us about the Cost of Living?
May 1 Hilary Hoynes - UC Berkeley Seminar (Tuesday*): Local Food Prices, SNAP Purchasing Power, and Child Health
Apr 25 Tim Cason - Purdue University Seminar: Crowdfunding for Public Goods with Refund Bonuses: An Empirical and Theoretical Investigation
Apr 18 Mel Stephens - University of Michigan Seminar: "Changes in Nutrient Intake at Retirement" (with Desmond Toohey)
Apr 11 Seema Jayachandran - Northwestern University Seminar: Reshaping Adolescents' Gender Attitudes: Evidence from a School-Based Experiment in India
Apr 4 Ivan Rudik - Cornell University Seminar: General Bayesian Learning in Dynamic Stochastic Models: Estimating the Value of Science Policy
Mar 28 Erica Field - Duke University Seminar: Loss in the time of cholera: Long-run Impact of a Disease Epidemic on the Urban Landscape
Feb 8 Jackson Dorsey - University of Arizona Seminar (Thursday*): Harnessing the Power of the Sun through Online Platforms: Evidence from the Rooftop Solar Market
Feb 5 Todd Gerarden - Harvard University Seminar (Monday*)-Demanding Innovation: The Impact of Consumer Subsidies on Solar Panel Production Costs
Jan 22 Gordon Leslie - Stanford University Seminar (Monday*)- Why do transmission congestion contract auctions cost ratepayers money?Evidence from New York
Jan 18 Jakina Debnam - Cornell University Seminar (Thursday*): Endogenous Responses to Paternalism: Examining Psychological Reactance in the Lab and the Field
Jan 17 Louis Preonas - UC-Berkeley Seminar: Market Power in Coal Shipping and Implications for U.S. Climate Policy
Jan 16 James Archsmith - UC-Davis Seminar (Tuesday*): Dam Spillovers: Direct costs and spillovers from environmental constraints on hydroelectric generation
Jan 12 Chris Bruegge - Stanford University Seminar (Friday*): Distortionary Fundraising for Energy Efficiency Subsidies: Implications for Efficient and Equitable Program Design
Jan 11 Adam Storeygard - Tufts University Seminar: Mobility and congestion in Indian cities