PhD Program

AREC Ph.D. Program. Photo of Professor Richard Just and Ph.D. recipient Ariel Ortiz-Bobea.

The Ph.D. program trains students to design, perform, lead, and implement economic research projects in the fields of environmental and resource economics, agricultural economics, and development economics. It also trains students in how to disseminate research results in the major professional media including journals, reports, conferences, and seminars. It provides rigorous training in microeconomic theory and econometrics and in the application of microeconomics and econometrics to policy issues. Students completing their Ph.D. degrees find employment in academia, U.S. government agencies, international organizations, and consulting firms.

Requirements for the PhD degree include a minimum of 42 credits of coursework, completion of a four-course field, 12 credits of PhD dissertation research (AREC 899), development of a research paper worthy of submission to a well-regarded journal, development and defense of a dissertation prospectus, and successful defense of a PhD dissertation