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Internship Program

Internship Program

This internship experience is available to students pursuing the minor in Global Poverty and/or current AREC undergraduate students.

Internship Program Description

Students will identify an internship and start the process of getting approval from the Assistant Director. If students need help with identifying an internship, the Assistant Director can provide assistance. Once approval is given and all paperwork is signed, you will register for the internship course, AREC 386. You must complete the internship in the same semester you register for the course.  

If your major is AREC, AREC386 will not count towards the seven required courses for the major.

Process of the internship program

You must complete and turn in the Internship offer letter by the semester deadline.

For internships to be done during the fall term: April 1st prior to beginning of the semester.

For internships to be done during the spring term: November 1st prior to the beginning of the semester.

Once your internship is approved, it is required to complete the Internship contract prior to starting the internship.  You can scan and email all forms to

Academic credit for the internship

 If your internship is approved, you will receive three credits for working 135 hours on site. You are expected to work 8-10 hours per week over the semester. There is an academic component attached with the internship. The grading method is Pass/Fail.  You must complete the internship hours and the components of the seminar to receive “Pass” for the internship credit.

If you have any questions send email to

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