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UMD-Winter: Germany and Italy: Energy, Climate Change and Options for a Low-Carbon Economy

Winter Term in Germany and Italy

Printable Program Flyer --> UMD-Winter: Germany & Italy (AREC/ECON)

Do you have an interest in climate change, power generation or the use of fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gas emissions? Would you like to learn about the potential consequences of climate change on economic activity, health and ecosystems, and ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Are you interested in ways in which the damages of climate change can be curbed? Would you like to do an in-depth study of Germany’s transition to a low-carbon economy?

Then consider this winter semester study abroad course that takes place in Berlin, Germany, and Venice, Italy. Lectures are taught by research scientists at the top climate change research institutions in Germany and Italy—the Ecologic Institute and the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate Change, respectively—with world-renowned guest lecturers who specialize in the legal and technical issues of carbon capture and storage, adaptation, and global health and climate change.

We will stay in the heart of Berlin, one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in Europe, and experience living on the S. Giorgio Island in Venice. We will take two field trips, one at each location—in Germany, to a commercial wind power generation facility, and in Italy, a boat tour of the Venice Lagoon, with its delicate ecosystems, endangered cultural resources and monuments, and engineering feats to protect the city from the tides and from coastal erosion. Visit world-renowned museums, try your hand at the city life and taste the wonderful local foods.

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