Dec 4 Yoram Halevy - University of Toronto

Seminar: Behavioral Bargaining - Yoram Halevy - University of Toronto

Nov 20 Catie Hausman - University of Michigan (Ford School)

Seminar: Inequality, Information Failures, and Air Pollution - Catie Hausman - University of Michigan (Ford School)

Nov 6 Laura Schechter - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Seminar: Brokering Votes with Information Spread via Social Networks - Laura Schechter - University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Oct 30 Chris Barrett - Cornell University

Seminar: The Effects of Exposure Intensity On Technology Adoption and Gains: Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh on the System of Rice Intensification - Chris Barrett - Cornell University

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Oct 23 Nick Ryan - Yale University

Seminar: Rationing the Commons - Nick Ryan - Yale University

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Oct 16 Kyle Meng - UC Santa Barbra

Seminar: Do Property Rights Alleviate the Problem of the Commons? Evidence from California Groundwater Rights - Kyle Meng - UC Santa Barbra

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Oct 9 Dallas Burtraw - Resource for Future

Seminar: Water, Storage and Rates: The Economics of Electric Residential Water Heating - Dallas Burtraw - Resource for Future

Oct 2 James Macdonald - USDA-ERS

Seminar: Consolidation in U.S. Agriculture - James Macdonald- USDA-ERS

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Sep 30 Emilia Simeonova - Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business, Economics Department and NBER

Seminar (*Monday in 2200B Symons Hall): Family Income and Voting Behavior Across Generations: Evidence from an Income Intervention - Emilia Simeonova - Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business, Economics Department and NBER

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Sep 18 Shanjun Li - Cornell University

Seminar: From Fog to Smog: the Value of Pollution Information-Shanjun Li - Cornell University

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Sep 11 Ana Maria Ibanez - Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

Seminar: Large-Scale Regularization of Forced Migrants: Impacts on Labor Markets and Crime-Ana Maria Ibanez - Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

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Sep 4 Erica Myers - UIUC

Seminar: Should Home Sellers be Required to Audit and Disclose Residential Energy Efficiency? - Erica Myers - UIUC

Abstract:Mandatory information disclosure is a key regulatory instrument in major sectors including health care, education and finance despite scant empirical... See all details.

May 1 Kenneth Gillingham - Yale University

Seminar (11:30am): Kenneth Gillingham - Yale University - Consumer Myopia in Vehicle Purchases: Evidence from a Natural Experiment

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Abstract: A central question in the analysis of fuel economy policy is whether consumers are myopic with regards to future fuel costs. We provide the... See all details.

Apr 24 Erin Mansur - Dartmouth University

Seminar (11:30am) : Decompositions and Policy Consequences of an Extraordinary Decline in Air Pollution from Electricity Generation - Erin Mansur

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Apr 17 Shawn Cole-Harvard University

Seminar (11:30am): Shawn Cole - Value of Customized Advice: Experimental Evidence from India - Harvard University

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Apr 10 Frederik Noack - UBC

Seminar (11:30am):Credit Market Development, Property Rights and Resource Extraction: Evidence from Global Fisheries - Frederik Noack - UBC

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Apr 3 Steve Cicala - University of Chicago

Seminar (11:30am) :Imperfect Markets versus Imperfect Regulation in U.S. Electricity Generation - Steve Cicala - University of Chicago

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Mar 27 Marianne Bitler-UC Davis

Seminar (11:30am): Long-Run Effects of Food Assistance: Evidence from the Food Stamp Program - Marianne Bitler - UC Davis

Mar 13 Abhijeet Singh - Stockholm School of Economics

Seminar: Testing for what? Audit study evidence on the reliability and effectiveness of large-scale test-based accountability in India - Abhijeet Singh - Stockholm School of Economics

Abstract:Public education systems in developing countries are increasingly instituting large-scale regular assessments of student learning – but the... See all details.

Mar 6 Matthew Jackson-Stanford University

Seminar: Learning Through the Grapevine: The Impact of Message Mutation, Transmission Failure, and Deliberate Bias - Matthew Jackson - Stanford University

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Feb 14 Nicholas Vreugdenhil - Northwestern University

Seminar (*Thursday at noon): Booms, Busts, and Mismatch in Capital Markets: Evidence from the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry - Nicholas Vreugdenhil - Northwestern University

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Feb 11 Roman Andres Zarate - MIT

Seminar (*Monday at noon): Social and Cognitive Peer Effects: Experimental Evidence from Selective High Schools in Peru -Roman Andres Zarate - MIT

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Feb 1 Simon Franklin - LSE

Seminar (*Friday at noon) : The demand for government housing: evidence from a lottery for 200,000 homes in Ethiopia - Simon Franklin - LSE

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Jan 30 Matt Woerman - UC-Berkeley

Seminar (*Wednesday at noon) : Market Size and Market Power: Evidence from the Texas Electricity Market - Matt Woerman - UC-Berkeley

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Jan 29 Jennifer Ifft - Cornell University

Seminar (* Tuesday at noon): Is ICE Freezing U.S. Agriculture? The Impact of Local Immigration Enforcement on Farm Profitability - Jennifer Ifft - Cornell University

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Jan 25 Lint Barrage - Brown University

Seminar (Friday) : Flood Risk Belief Heterogeneity and Coastal Home Price Dynamics: Going Under Water? - Lint Barrage - Brown University

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Jan 22 Nigel Key - USDA-ERS

Seminar (*Tuesday at noon) : Income volatility, farm size and productivity growth: Two studies exploiting multiple years of farm micro data - Nigel Key - USDA-ERS

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Jan 17 Jacquelyn Pless - University of Oxford

Seminar (Thursday) : Complementary Policies” Substitutes? Evidence from R&D Subsidies in the UK - Jacquelyn Pless - University of Oxford

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Jan 16 Paige Weber-Yale University

Seminar (Wednesday) : Dynamic Responses to Carbon Pricing in the Electricity Sector

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Jan 15 Erin Kelley - UCBerkeley

Seminar (Tuesday): The Impact of Monitoring Technologies on Contracts and Employee Behavior: Experimental Evidence from Kenya’s Transit Industry

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