Except where otherwise indicated, seminars will be held on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1:30 pm in 3121 Symons Hall.



Presentation Title


February 16 (Virtual)

Lise Vesterlund

Belief Elicitation and Behavioral Incentive Compatibility

Zoom Link:

University of Pittsburgh

February 9 (Virtual)

Gary Charness

Improving Food Choices

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January  26 (Virtual)

Johanna Mollerstrom

A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behaviour

Zoom Link:

George Mason University

December 8 (Virtual)

John List

The Voltage Effect: How to Make Good Ideas Great and Great Ideas Scale

Zoom Link:

University of Chicago

December 1 (Hybrid)

Vincent Pons

Electoral Turnovers and Country Performance: Evidence from 2,500 National Elections

Zoom Link:

Harvard University

November 17 (Hybrid)

Nathan Miller

Rising Markups and the Role of Consumer Preferences

Zoom Link:

Georgetown University

November 10 (Virtual)

Claudio Ferraz

Internet, Social Media, and the Behavior of Politicians: Evidence from Facebook in Brazil

Zoom Link:

The University of British Columbia

November 1


Treb Allen

Volatility and the Gains from Trade

Zoom Link:

Dartmouth University

October 27 (Virtual)

Karen Clay

Industrial Lead Emissions and Infant Mortality

Zoom Link:

Carnegie Mellon University

October 20 (Hybrid)

Billy Pizer

Advances in the Social Cost of Carbon, with an emphasis on discounting

Zoom Link:

Resources for the Future

October 13

Mushfiq Mobarak

The Productivity Consequences of Pollution-Induced Migration in China

Zoom Link:

Yale University

October 6 (Hybrid)

Yan Chen

Virtual Teams in a Gig Economy

Zoom Link:

University of Michigan

September 29 (Virtual)

Christian Vossler

Revisiting the gap between the willingness to pay and willingness to accept for public goods

Zoom Link:

The University of Tennessee

Thursday, September 23 (Virtual)

Jim Stock

Policies for Decarbonizing Light Duty Vehicles

Zoom Link:

Harvard University

September 15 (Hybrid)

Shoumitro Chatterje

Market Power and Spatial Competition in Rural India

Zoom Link:

Penn State University

September 1 (3:30pm) (Hybrid)

Jhacova Williams

Historical Lynchings and the Contemporary Voting Behavior of Blacks

Zoom link:


April 21

Chris Woodruff

The Long-Run Effects of Cash Grants: The Sri Lanka Microenterprise Project after 10 years

Zoom Link:

Oxford University

April 14

Rich Sweeney

Winds of Change: Technical Progress and Learning in Wind Power

Zoom Link:

Boston College

April 7

Namrata Kala

Environmental Regulation, Regulatory Capacity, and Firm Size

Zoom Link:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 31

Marina Agranov

Information Aggregation on Networks: an Experimental Study

Zoom Link:

California Institute of Technology

March 24

Mar Reguant

The Distributional Implications of Real-Time Pricing

Zoom Link:

Northwestern University

March 10

Ragan Petrie

Optimal Incentives to Give

Zoom Link:

Texas A & M

March 3

Bertil Tungodden

Fairness Across the World: Preferences and Beliefs

Zoom Link:

NHH Norwegian School of Economics

February 24

Kelsey Jack

Budget Neglect in Consumption Smoothing: A Field Experiment on Seasonal Hunger

Zoom Link:

U. C. Santa Barbara

February 10

Reed Walker

Is Air Pollution Regulation Too Stringent?

Zoom Link:

U. C. Berkeley

February 3 (3:30pm)

David Cooper

Managerial Leadership, Truth-Telling and Efficient Coordination

Zoom Link:

Florida State University & University of East Anglia

January 27

Dean Yang

Abundance from Abroad: Migrant Income and Long-Run Economic Development

Zoom Link:

University of Michigan