Except where otherwise indicated, seminars will be held on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1:30 pm in 3121 Symons Hall.



Presentation Title


May 11 (3:30pm-Hybrid)

Jim Murphy

The Endogenous Formation of Common Pool Resource Coalitions

Zoom Link:

University of Alaska Anchorage

May 4 (Hybrid)

Ashley Langer

Policy Uncertainty in the Market for Coal Electricity: The Case of Air Toxics Standards

Zoom Link:

University of Arizona

April 27 (Virtual)

Dilip Mookherjee

Networks, Entrepreneurship and Structural Change: Evidence from China

Zoom Link:

Boston University

April 20 (Virtual)

Ali Cheema

Making Police Officers Responsive to Women in Gender Segregated Societies: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan

Zoom Link:

Lahore University of Management Sciences and Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Development and Economic Alternatives

April 6


Nick Hagerty

Adaptation to Surface Water Scarcity in Irrigated Agriculture

Zoom Link:

Montana State University

March 30 (Hybrid)

Belinda Archibong

Protest Matters: The Effects of Protests on Economic Redistribution

Zoom Link:

Barnard College (Columbia University)

March 16 (Hybrid)

Matt Neidell

When Externalities Collide: Influenza and Pollution

Zoom Link:

Columbia University

March 9 (Virtual)

Priya Mukherjee

Political Accountability for Populist Policies: Lessons from the World's Largest Democracy

Zoom Link:

University of Wisconsin Madison

March 2 (Hybrid)

Paul Gertler

Why are firms slow to adopt profitable opportunities?

Zoom Link:

UC Berkeley

February 23 (Hybrid)

Jean-Marc Bourgeon

Optimal Green Technology Adoption and Policy Implementation

Zoom Link:

University of Paris-Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique

February 16 (Virtual)

Lise Vesterlund

Belief Elicitation and Behavioral Incentive Compatibility

Zoom Link:

University of Pittsburgh

February 9 (Virtual)

Gary Charness

Improving Food Choices

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January  26 (Virtual)

Johanna Mollerstrom

A Meritocratic Origin of Egalitarian Behaviour

Zoom Link:

George Mason University