Except where otherwise indicated, seminars will be held on Wednesdays from 12pm - 1:30 pm.



Presentation Title


March 31

Marina Agranov

Information Aggregation on Networks: an Experimental Study

Zoom Link:

California Institute of Technology

March 24

Mar Reguant

The Distributional Implications of Real-Time Pricing

Zoom Link:

Northwestern University

March 10

Ragan Petrie

Optimal Incentives to Give

Zoom Link:

Texas A & M

March 3

Bertil Tungodden

Fairness Across the World: Preferences and Beliefs

Zoom Link:

NHH Norwegian School of Economics

February 24

Kelsey Jack

Budget Neglect in Consumption Smoothing: A Field Experiment on Seasonal Hunger

Zoom Link:

U. C. Santa Barbara

February 10

Reed Walker

Is Air Pollution Regulation Too Stringent?

Zoom Link:

U. C. Berkeley

February 3 (3:30pm)

David Cooper

Managerial Leadership, Truth-Telling and Efficient Coordination

Zoom Link:

Florida State University & University of East Anglia

January 27

Dean Yang

Abundance from Abroad: Migrant Income and Long-Run Economic Development

Zoom Link:

University of Michigan

December 2 (3:30PM)

Leeat Yariv

Individual and Collective Information Acquisition: An Experimental Study

Zoom Link:

Princeton University

November 18

Eric Verhoogen

Markups and Quality: Evidence from Colombian Coffee Exports

Zoom Link:

Columbia University

November 11

Tatyana Deryugina

Pollution and Mortality in the United States: Evidence from 1972-1988” (joint with Julian Reif)

Zoom Link:

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

November 4

Judd Kessler

The Gender Gap in Self-Promotion

Zoom Link:

 the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

October 14

Nick Bloom

The Geography of New Technologies

Zoom Link:

Stanford University

October 7

Manasi Deshpande

Beyond Health: Non-Health Risk and the Value of Disability Insurance

Zoom Link:

University of Chicago

September 30

Chris Udry

Information, Market Access and Risk: Addressing Constraints to Agricultural Transformation in Northern Ghana

Zoom Link:

Northwestern University

September 16

Michael Carter

E-risking Agriculture for Development: The Impact of Drought-tolerant Seeds and Index Insurance in Mozambique and Tanzania

U.C. Davis

September 9

Shachar Kariv

Ever Since Allais and Ellsberg

U.C. Berkeley


Abhijit Banerjee




Jim Murphy


University of Alaska 

April 29

Edward Miguel

Twenty Year Economic Impacts of Deworming

UC Berkeley


Mike Abito


University of Pennsylvania


Michael Carter


UC Davis


Manasi Deshpande


University of Chicago


Tatyana Deryugina

Pollution and Mortality in the United States: Evidence from 1972-1988” (joint with Julian Reif)

University of Illinois

March 25 online at noon

Gernot Wagner

Declining CO2 price paths aka The True Price of Carbon



March 4

Andrew Goodman-Bacon

Who Benefits from Federal Welfare Spending? Evidence from the Introduction of Progressive Cost Sharing (with Matt Pesner)

Vanderbilt University

February 26

Jeffrey Carpenter

Choice Architecture to Improve Financial Decision Making

Middlebury College

February 5 *Wednesday

Maddie McKelway

Vicious and Virtuous Cycles: Self-Efficacy and Employment of Women in India


February 4 *Tuesday

Cory Smith

Land Concentration and Long-Run Development: Evidence from the Frontier United States


February 3 *Monday

Apoorv Gupta

Firm Heterogeneity, Demand for Quality and Prices: Evidence from India

Northwestern University

January 31 *Friday

Gianmarco Leon

How Effective Are Monetary Incentives to Vote? Evidence from a Nationwide Policy

U. Pompeu Fabra, Spain

January 27 * Monday

Eric Bahel

Strategic Resource Dependence with Learning-by-Doing in the Substitute

Virginia Tech

January 24 *Friday

Tor Tolhurst

Model-free Detection of a Speculative Asset Bubble: Evidence from the World Market for Superstar Wines


January 23


Steve Cicala

Imperfect Markets versus Imperfect Regulation in U.S.Electricity Generation

University of Chicago

January 21 *Tuesday

Rebecca Epanchin-Niell 

Bioeconomic modeling for decision-support: optimizing early detection and control of invasive pests

Resource for Future

January 17 *Friday

Suanna Oh

Does Identity Affect Labor Supply?

Columbia University

January 16 *Thursday

Patrick Behrer

Earth, Wind, and Fire: The impact of anti-poverty efforts on Indian agriculture and air pollution

Harvard University

January 15 *Wednesday

Sharan Mamidipudi

Something To Complain About: How Minority Representatives Overcome Ethnic Differences

Harvard University

January 13



John Spray

Search Externalities in Firm-to-Firm Trade

U. of Cambridge

January 10 


Casey Wichman Do behavioral nudges interact with prevailing economic incentives? Pairing experimental and quasi-experimental evidence from water consumption Univ. of Chicago + RFF
January 9
Leah Palm

Experimental Evidence on Policy Approaches That Link Agricultural Subsidies to Water Quality Outcomes

Univ. of Delaware

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