College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Agricultural & Resource Economics


Name Position Title Phone Email Address CV
Anna Alberini Professor 301-405-1267 CV
Jing Cai Assistant Professor 301-405-1388 CV
Robert Chambers Professor 301-405-1266 CV
Snaebjorn Gunnsteinsson Assistant Professor 301-405-1294
Jim Hanson Professor and Chair 301-405-8122 CV
Jorge Holzer Assistant Professor 301-405-1918 CV
S├ębastien Houde Assistant Professor 301-405-9881 CV
Pamela Jakiela Assistant Professor 301-405-3647
Dale Johnson Farm Management Specialist 301-405-1275 CV
Richard Just Distinguished University Professor 301-405-1289 CV
Howard Leathers Associate Professor 301-405-1277 CV
Kenneth L. Leonard Associate Professor 301-405-8589 CV
Erik Lichtenberg Professor 301-405-1279 CV
Lori Lynch Professor 301-405-1264 CV
David Newburn Assistant Professor 301-405-8042 CV
Lars Olson Professor 301-405-7180 CV
Stephen W. Salant Research Professor
Neslihan Uler Assistant Professor 301-405-1273 CV
Roberton C. Williams III Professor 301-405-1284 CV
Mary Zaki Assistant Professor 301-405-7502 CV
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