AREC Faculty Quotes In the News: Mary Zaki

Work rules for SNAP benefits don’t lead to more people working, study finds

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June 10, 2021

New research by UMD assistant professor Mary Zaki is featured this week in the popular podcast NPR Marketplace.

Zaki is a co-author of a study currently published as the National Bureau of Economic Research working paper, “Employed in a SNAP? The Impact of Work Requirements on Program Participation and Labor Supply.”

As noted in the study, work requirements are common in U.S. safety net programs. Evidence remains limited, however, on the extent to which work requirements increase economic self-sufficiency or screen out vulnerable individuals. 

Zaki talked with NPR regarding the fact that homeless adults are disproportionately screened out and taking away food assistance from people who aren’t working just leads to greater food insecurity.

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