AREC Faculty Quotes In the News: Erik Lichtenberg

Lichtenberg Comments on the Value of Maintaining Wild Pollinator Populations

Bee pollinating an almond tree

Image Credit: maexico via iStock

June 7, 2021

Following up on his newly published paper, "Economics of Pollination," Erik Lichtenberg was interviewed by Inside Climate News to get his insight about encouraging economists and ecologists to partner and better understand the value of maintaining robust wild pollinator populations.

The news article, "California’s Almond Trees Rely on Honey Bees and Wild Pollinators, but a Lack of Good Habitat is Making Their Job Harder," notes that the demand for pollinator-dependent crops like almonds, blueberries and apples has grown tremendously in the last 50 years. High-value crops also tend to have poor habitats for pollinators.

The piece highlights the value of having a wide variety of pollinators, plus a wide variety of flowering plants, to keep the pollinators and the plants healthy and thriving. 

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