AREC Faculty In the News: Louis Preonas Comments on Water Shortages Threatening the Economy and Our Food Supply

Image Credit: Carson Johnson Photography via iStock

October 6, 2021

The research of UMD Assistant Professor Louis Preonas, along with co-authors Fiona Burlig and Matt Woerman, is featured this week in Barron’s Magazine. 

The article, Water Shortages Threaten the Economy and Our Food Supply, highlights the impact of water scarcity as it hits American farmers, noting that many of our favorite foods—including almonds, avocados, rice, dairy, and meat—require a lot of water for production.

The authors propose possible ways to achieve the goal of reducing water consumption and allocating scarce water resources to the highest value uses, while empowering consumers to decide which uses of water are worth it and which are not.

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