AREC Assistant Professor and Graduate Student Receive Research Award for Economics of Fracking and Co-produced Hydrocarbons Project

February 18, 2020 Aleah Green

Congratulations are in order to Assistant Professor Louis Preonas for receiving the 2020-2021 Faculty-Student Research Award.

This Graduate School award provides $10,000 to support a faculty project that directly involves graduate students. 

Preonas’ research Hydraulic Fracturing and the Economics of Co-produced Hydrocarbons in collaboration with AREC student Daniel Kraynak is aimed at estimating the extent to which the fracking boom caused the shift towards natural gas and away from coal. 

“We plan to conduct preliminary scoping analysis, data collection, conceptual modeling, and literature reviews in the spring of 2020. Then, we plan to conduct the majority of our econometric analysis in the summer of 2020 (after these FSRA funds would become available). This would put us on track to producing a draft of a working paper by the fall of 2020, which we would plan on submitting for academic publication in the spring of 2021,” says Preonas. 

The proposal outlines their plans to understand the economics of hydraulic fracturing with regard to U.S. environmental and climate policy.