Grain Marketing

Corn, soybeans, and wheat marketing are critical to the profitability of grain farmers in Maryland.  Grain prices have always been strong in Maryland due to the demand of the broiler industry for feed.  In recent years, however, grain prices have risen even more because of the use of corn in the production of ethanol and soy oil with bio-diesel.  Corn, soybeans, and winter wheat account for more than 50% of all farm acreage in Maryland.

University of Maryland Extension has an active group of agricultural educators, including members from this department, that maintain a marketing webpage as a resource to Maryland farmers.


 This department publishes updated price and basis data yearly for corn, soybeans, and wheat.

Kevin McNew, AREC adjunct professor, has his own grain marketing company located in Bozeman, Montana.  Kevin and his employees offer grain marketing services nationwide.  His company’s website is GeoGrain.