Trend Adjusted APH Crop Insurance

Maryland corn, soybean, and wheat producers can select a Trend-Adjusted (TA) yield endorsement.  Using this endorsement, a producer can adjust the APH yields to account for better genetics or farming techniques. These yield adjustments are based on historical county-level yield data from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistic Service.  The adjustments also include trend controls for weather and spatial considerations. Coverage for qualifying producers who select the TA option will add the county-level trend to their individual APH. The Midwest has been utilizing TA yields since 2012.

To better help Maryland producers understand the implications of choosing the TA yield endorsement, publications have been developed to better explain the impacts of TA yield endorsement.  

FS-970 Trend-Adjusted Yield Option Introduced for Crop Insurance (Updated August 2014)

2015 Corn And Soybeans Trend-Adjustments Released For Trend-Adjusted APH Crop Insurance Revenue and Yield Policies (Updated for 2015 Crop Year)