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AREC Seminar Series

Seminar (Monday*) : Imran Rasul - University College London - The Economic Lives of Young Women in the Time of Ebola: Lessons from an Empowerment Program

Monday, Dec. 3, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall
Abstract: We evaluate an intervention to raise young women's economic empowerment in Sierra Leone, where women frequently experience sexual violence and face multiple economic dis- advantages. The intervention provides them with a protective space (a club) where they can find support, receive...

Seminar: Lorenzo Casaburi-University of Zurich-The Electoral Impact of Wealth Redistribution: Evidence from Land Reform in Italy" (with Bruno Caprettini and Miriam Venturini)

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 3:30pm
3121 Symons Hall
Abstract: We study the political consequences of a large land reform in Italy, which transferred more than 800,000 hectares of arable land from large to small owners. Using a spatial regression discontinuity design, we show that the reform benefited the incumbent Christian Democrat party. The...


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