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Here are a few examples of current research going on in the department:


notillFrom Ohio to the Chesapeake

What can be learned from one of the most successful water quality trading program to date? Do auctions result in cost effective changes? How do the institutional arrangements affect farmer participation and program results? Dr. David Newburn at the University of Maryland takes a look at Ohio’s Great Miami Trading Program to get answers and draw implications for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Research Brief, Vol. 2, no. 1

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landrightsDo Agricultural Land Preservation Programs Reduce Overall Farmland Loss?

When purchase of development rights (PDR) programs are in place to prevent farmland from being developed into commercial or residential property, you would expect that less farmland would be converted. But are these programs actually working? Dr. Lori Lynch at the University of Maryland finds out.

Research Brief, Vol. 1, no. 12

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soilWho Participates in the Voluntary Cleanup Program:Lessons from Baltimore City

If the sheer size of land endowment is an indicator of an economy’s potential, then the United States is fortunate indeed. However, there exist land tracts, in urban and rural areas, which are left unused due to concerns about the presence of potential contamination.

Research Brief, Vol. 1, no. 11

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