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All seminars are in room 3121, Symons Hall, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.,
unless otherwise noted.

Feb 12 Maoyong Fan- Ball State University
Seminar: The Impact of Sustained Exposure to Particulate Matter on Life Expectancy: New Evidence from China’s Huai River Policy
Feb 10 Marcelo Sant'Anna- Yale University
Seminar: How Green is Sugarcane Ethanol?
Feb 1 Yongyang Cai- University of Chicago
Seminar: The Social Cost of Carbon with Economic and Climate Risks
Jan 27 Katrina Jessoe-University of California-Davis
seminar: Climate Change and Labor Allocation in Rural Mexico: Evidence from Annual Fluctuations in Weather
Jan 21 Neslihan Uler- University of Michigan
Seminar: Experimental Departures from Self-Interest When Competing Partnerships Share Output
Jan 19 Travis Smith- University of Georgia
Seminar: Do School Food Programs Improve Child Dietary Quality? 
Jan 15 Alan Barreca-Tulane University
Seminar: Maybe Next Month? Temperature Shocks, Climate Change, and Dynamic Adjustments in Birth Rate"
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