College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Agricultural & Resource Economics


All seminars are in room 3121, Symons Hall, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.,
unless otherwise noted.

Jan 11 Adam Storeygard-Tufts University
Seminar: Mobility and congestion in Indian cities
Jan 12 Chris Bruegge-Stanford University
Seminar (Friday*):Distortionary Fundraising for Energy Efficiency Subsidies: Implications for Efficient and Equitable Program Design
Jan 16 James Archsmith-UC-Davis
Seminar (Tuesday*): Dam Spillovers: Direct costs and spillovers from environmental constraints on hydroelectric generation
Jan 17 Louis Preonas- UC-Berkeley
Seminar:Market Power in Coal Shipping and Implications for U.S. Climate Policy
Jan 18 Jakina Debnam-Cornell University
Seminar (Thursday*):Endogenous Responses to Paternalism: Examining Psychological Reactance in the Lab and the Field
Jan 22 Gordon Leslie-Stanford University
Seminar (Monday*)-Why do transmission congestion contract auctions cost ratepayers money?Evidence from New York
Feb 5 Todd Gerarden-Harvard University
Seminar (Monday*)-Demanding Innovation: The Impact of Consumer Subsidies on Solar Panel Production Costs
Feb 8 Jackson Dorsey-University of Arizona
Seminar (Thursday*):Harnessing the Power of the Sun through Online Platforms: Evidence from the Rooftop Solar Market
Mar 28 Erica Field-Duke University
Seminar:Erica Field
Apr 4 Ivan Rudik-Iowa State
Seminar:General Bayesian Learning in Dynamic Stochastic Models: Estimating the Value of Science Policy
Apr 11 Seema Jayachandran-Northwestern University
Seminar: Seema Jayachandran
Apr 18 Mel Stephens-University of Michigan
Seminar: Mel Stephens
Apr 25 Tim Cason-Purdue University
Seminar:Tim Cason
May 1 Hilary Hoynes-UC Berkeley
Seminar (Tuesday*): Hilary Hoynes
May 9 Tim Beatty-UC Davis
Seminar-Tim Beatty
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