College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Agricultural & Resource Economics


All seminars are in room 3121, Symons Hall, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.,
unless otherwise noted.

Nov 2 Kyle Meng-Bren School and Dept. of Economics, UC Santa Barbara
Seminar: Estimating Path Dependence in Energy Transitions
Oct 26 Julien Xavier Daubanes-University of Copenhagen
Seminar: A Theory of NGO Activism
Oct 19 Micheal Price-Georgia State University
Seminar: Using Movers to Understand the Persistence of Moral Suasion on Residential Energy Use
Sep 26 Armon Rezai-Vienna University of Economics & Business
Seminar: Asset Prices and Climate Policy
Mar 30 Andrew Yates-University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Seminar: Are There Environmental Benefits from Driving Electric Vehicles? The Importance of Local Factors
Mar 23 Mar Reguant-Northwestern University
Seminar:Learning from Schools about Energy Efficiency
Mar 21 Ted McConnell-University of Maryland
Seminar:Recreational Damages from the BP Oil Spill
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