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All seminars are in room 3121, Symons Hall, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.,
unless otherwise noted.

Feb 24 Aaron Smith-Univ. of California - Davis
Seminar: TBA
Feb 20 Eric Auerbach-UC Berkeley
Seminar: TBA
Feb 14 Rebecca Taylor- UC Berkeley
Seminar: Giving Plastic Bags the Sack: The Hidden Costs of Changing Behavior
Feb 10 Jing Li-Harvard University
Seminar: TBA
Feb 8 Erich Battistin-University of London
Seminar: School Accountability, Score Manipulation and Economic Geography (The presentation will draw from results in the attached papers and ongoing work on the effects of school quality and score manipulation on house prices in England)
Feb 3 Lutz Kilian-University of Michigan
Seminar: A General Approach to Recovering Market Expectations from Futures Prices with an Application to Crude Oil
Feb 2 Robert Metcalfe-Imperial College London
Seminar: Too Much of a Good Thing? Using a Natural Field Experiment To Evaluate the Impact of Low-Income Energy Subsidies
Jan 30 Matias Damian Cattaneo-University of Michigan
Seminar:Regression Discontinuity Designs Using Covariates
Jan 27 Isla Globus-Harris-UC San Diego
Seminar: An Impossible Goal: When Trade Ratios Can’t Achieve No-Net-Loss
Jan 26 Joshua Linn-Resources for the Future (RFF)
Seminar: TBA
Jan 24 Jisung Park-Harvard University
Seminar: TBA
Jan 20 Yinchu Zhu-UC San Diego
Seminar: TBA
Jan 19 Derek Lemoine- University of Arizona
Seminar: The Climate Risk Premium: How Uncertainty Affects the Social Cost of Carbon
Jan 17 Charles Palmer- London School of Economics
Seminar: Was von Thünen Right? Cattle Intensification and Deforestation in Brazil
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